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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Rings of Saturn

Strong wind
why do you blow me deep into the forest night?
strong wind
don't abandon me –
I'm alone and scared
in this forest

Why drive me to this cave?
Why lead me to this binding darkness?

One thing is clear:
you've got me where you want me
and there's no going back

Cold, damp walls
closing in on the way down
I can hardly breathe,
as I sail further down

Down and down I go
my heartbeat –
out of control

Ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump
my heart -
about to shut down -
is rescued by an eagle
diving down
...or is it that I've become one?

Up and up I go
up above so high –
so high...
I can almost touch the sky!

With other eagles
I dance and dance around till
they and I

There's no Time:
first an eagle,
then a sparrow
and by the time the ground is nigh,
collecting pollen –
a butterfly –
is what I have become

Then an ant,
with a heavy burden on my back,
to the anthill do I go
...and down, and down to the deepest depths again I go

To my surprise
no more claustrophobic walls
do I find

I am free
and up the hill I can climb
with hope – although
still alone

...a moving bridge awaits me now
to cross over to the other side

See the house of sugar and spice?
Surely, that's where I must go.
This time, not down but up
a spiralled tower
I must go
on the floor,
a heavy, leather book lies.

the sparrow hits on the window so
open the book, is that so?

But, oh!
the page is blank
and the next,
and the next as well
my head's throbbing hard,
my heart's pounding
out of control – but
healing hands
soon come to calm my
and solace sleep takes

On awakening,
I find myself reflected in a shiny mirror
in a naked foetus curl
Mirror, Mirror on the wall...
not a mirror but a door?

Down the aisle I float
to be married
by the same healing hands...

Hands tied with a pure white cloth,
my prince and I
are at once
twirled around in it
as one

Swirling round and round -
again alone -
to the mountain top
I go

'I'm tired...', I cry out loud.
...The man with the healing hands
'...but you've just begun!'

So, there I go again
diving down the mountain top
no bungee jumping rope this time
just the dark blue sea below:

A dolphin now...
see how fast I can go
see how deep I can dive
see how high I can fly

See how no one can stop me now!

- COPYRIGHT/Registado no IGAC

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