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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Popcorn Piggy is in Love

For my niece
who is madly in love with
Pablo Alboran, the Spanish singer


  On the Green Valley farm, the animals are really excited about the new rooster. And it is not surprising for Boran the Rooster has indeed a powerful and enigmatic voice, which makes the lassies heave in infatuation and the boys go green with envy. I myself find his insistence on giving concerts at the break of dawn quite annoying.
          Moving on. Popcorn Piggy lives in the third sty from the stables. For your information, a pigsty is a conveniently well-ventilated place since the body odour excreted by this species is notoriously peculiar. At the front of the sty there is always an inviting mud puddle, where all the pigs spend most of the time wallowing in mire. I do not find this habit at all fun or appealing: Just the other day, some mud splashed onto my left wing and I barely managed to fly down to the fountain to wash it out. However, pigs seem to have a ball in it and the mud is actually good for them, helping to maintain their skin youthful and rosy over time. At least that is what I gather, as I have always had a hard time guessing how old they actually are … Well, I can only guess their age from their size: the larger they are the older, isn't that right?
          And me? Oh, sorry. I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Paublabbery the Parrot. I am the most well-travelled inhabitant of the farm and I know everything that goes on around here.

          It is only ten in the morning and Popcorn Piggy is once again half-asleep. 'Popcorn Piggy, what's the matter with you lately? You look sleepy all the time! Luckily, it's the summer holiday and there is no school. Otherwise, you'd be in trouble: in that drowsy state of mind you'd never be able to focus on your gruntphabet! Look ...'
          'Ugh!' snorted Popcorn Piggy. 'Paublabbery the Parrot, you're the one who wears we down when you talk so much and so fast. Do let me rest!'
'Hmm ... There's something definitely up with Popcorn Piggy. I wonder why she's always so tired?' mused Paublabbery the Parrot.
          'Piggy Porphirio? Piggy Porphirio? Oh, why don't you just stop rolling around in the mud like that and tell me something ... Do you have any idea why your cousin has been so wistful and tired lately?'
          'Well, g'day to you too, Paublabbery the Parrot.' said Piggy Porphirio, feeling a bit irritated by the bird's apparent lack of charm. Which cousin? There are so many of them.'
          'Don't play dumb, Piggy Porphirio. Naturally, I'm talking about the one who is always hanging around you … or you with her. Who cares? Whether it's you who follows her or she you, you're just like two Siamese twins joined at the hip ... '

          'Ah, you mean Popcorn Piggy …' retorted Piggy Porphirio '… well, she might just be in love.'
          'Whaaaaat?!? In love? Who with? Tell me! Tell me! Tell me all the juicy details!'
          'Well, I think she's in love with Boran the Rooster.'
          'Really!?! Boran the Rooster?' shouted the parrot in a shrill voice. 'But, he's so much older than her!'
          'Yeah, but she once confided in me that she's into older animals with spiky crests.' whispered Piggy Porphirio.
          'Squaaaaaawk! This is gold! Thank's a million Piggy Porphirio' screeched Paublabbery the Parrot, by then flying towards the chicken coop.
          Before 6 o'clock the following morning, Popcorn Piggy was already up, with her bangs stretched and her nails painted. She was ready to listen to her dearest Rooster Boran. Little did she know that she was about to live the most embarrassing but also the happiest moment of her young life on the Green Valley farm.
          'Huh-hum,' started Boran the Rooster from the top of his perch, 'Today I want to dedicate my first song, Solamente tú, to a young fan .... Huh, sorry, … Paublabbery the Parrot, what's the name of that little piglet again? ... Ah, yes, then this one is especially for you, Popcorn Piggy, you in the third sty from the stables, ... Solamente Tú.
          «Tu risa Regálame, Enseñame a soñar ...»1 Boran's powerful and enigmatic voice resonated throughout the farm.
          Popcorn Piggy's heart stopped beating for a few seconds. No, this could not be happening to her. These things do not happen to her. All that happiness that filled her being! What a thrill!
          Thankfully it was still a bit dark outside, otherwise the others would have a field day if they saw how she turned from pink to bright red.

          When Paublabbery the Parrot reached the pigsty, she found Popcorn Piggy muttering something to herself. For once silent, but only out of interest, Paublabbery the Parrot tilted her head to the left so as to hear better.  
          '...cornboran, 'is all that Parrot Paulradora managed to hear.
          '... Cornboran?!? What on earth is she on about?' muttered Parrot Paulradora to herself.
          'Popcorn Boran. Popcorn Boran. Popcorn Piggy Boran. Oooooh! This name is music to my ears,' said Popcorn Piggy, unaware that she was being observed.
          'Squawk!' Paublabbery the Parrot let out a gasp of laughter.
          'Gosh! You frightened me half to death, you idiot!' cried Popcorn Piggy, with a tremble in her voice.
          'Ha, ha ... You said Popcorn Piggy Boran, yes you did! I heard you loud and clear!
          'Shush! Pleaaaaaase Paublabbery the Parrot, please don't tell anyone about this. I was just daydreaming. If the others find out about this I 'll never hear the end of it.'
          'Chill out, Popcorn Piggy' said Paublabbery the Parrot quickly, realising that her friend from the Green Valley farm was really distressed. 'I won't say a word … So, did you like the surprise?
          'Oh, Paublabbery the Parrot, it was fantastic. I never thought it would be possible to feel like this, to live such a happy moment in my life. Ever! Thank y...'
          'I'm glad you liked it,' interrupted chatty Paublabbery the Parrot, 'You know, Boran the Rooster was actually quite nice.'
          'Yes, it was very nice and kind of him. With so many fans and he accepted to sing for me! What joy! But you were also very nice, Paublabbery the Parrot … ' And giving the parrot a gentle nudge on the chest, she proceeded, 'You're a good friend. Thank you.'
- Jessica (now 10)

1Solamente tú, song by Pablo Alboran.

- COPYRIGHT/Registado no IGAC 

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