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Friday, 26 June 2015

Dani-Cat and Blue Bird

For Daniela, 
former queen of cats.

'Psst!' called the bird.
'Uh?!? Who's that calling? Where are you?'
'Up here, on the wall...why are you sneaking around?'
'I'm not sneaking - I'm prowling!'
'Prowling like a cat?'
'But you're not a cat!'
'Of course I am. Why else would I be prowling. I'm Dani-Cat.'
'Are you sure you aren't a little girl instead? You look a lot like a girl.'
'No. I'm a cat!'
'Ha! Ha! Next you'll be telling me you're the queen of cats!'
'No. I used to be the queen of cats but now I'm just a cat. I'm Dani-Cat.'
The bird was as amused as it was intrigued.
'Well, nice to meet you, then, Dani-Cat I'm Blue Bird.'
'Nice to meet you, too, Blue Bird.'
'Why are you walking around so quietly? Are you going to eat me?'
'Eat you?!? Yuck, no! I don't eat feathers!'
'But you're a cat.'
'Yes, I'm Dani-Cat We've been through this already. I'm not going to eat you. I'm going to capture you...'
'Huh?!?' gasped Blue Bird, suddenly feeling alarmed and getting ready to fly off. 'Why on earth do you want to catch me? Do you want to lock me up in a cage, is that it?
'Don't be silly.' said Dani-Cat, slightly amused at the bird's reaction. 'I'm not going to lock you up. I'm going to capture you on paper,' she said as she took a box of crayons from her bag.
'Look! Here's a lovely blue that's just perfect for you!
'Phew! You had me scared for a moment there. Go on, then. Let's see what you can do. Draw my right side - it's my good side...'
But Dani-Cat was already too immersed in her task to hear what her new friend was babbling about. With a scribble and a scratch-scratch a picture of the bird appeared on the drawing pad.
'Wow, is that really me?' asked Blue Bird, feeling like the prettiest winged animal on earth.
'Yes, this is you.'
'But is that it?'
'What do you mean? It's a picture of you. I thought you liked it.'
'I do. I do. But aren't you going to draw anything else?'
'What would you like me to draw?'
'Anything. Well, anything but a cage.'
'Because I don't want to be locked up, not even on paper.'
'No, I mean, why do you want me to draw something else?'
'Because I look lonely on paper.'
'But you're alone here too, aren't you?'
'Of course I'm not alone. And I'm not lonely either! I'm here with you, the breeze, the grass, the flowers, the trees, the ladybugs, the...'
'Okay, I get it now. Hang on a sec.' said Dani-Cat grabbing her green and brown crayons. 'Is this all right?...You're perched on a branch now. And there are twigs and leaves and flowers and...'
'Ooh!' Interrupted the bird. 'I'm impressed, oh yes I am. You're a talented little kitten you are'
'Thank you,' purred Dani-Cat shyly, blushing at the kind compliment.
Drawing by Daniela, 7.

'Oh, look! Your drawing is so real that a ladybug has landed on that flower!'
'Don't be silly, Blue Bird,' said Dani-Cat laughing. 'I drew that as well. It does look quite real, doesn't it?

'Yes, well done! You almost fooled me there.'
'What do you mean almost fooled you? You thought it was real!'
'Yes, yes. That's not important now...'
'...Listen,' proceeded Blue Bird in a more serious tone.
'Yes? What is it?' asked Dani-Cat
'I have to go now.'
'Go where?'
'I'm a travelling bird. I'm always on my way to somewhere new'.
'But...we've only just met!'
'I know and you'll always have that picture of me and I'll never forget the pretty little cat that managed to capture me on paper. Go home now and snuggle up to your mummy.'
'You know I'm not really a cat, don't you? asked Daniela.

But the bird had already flown away. Blue Bird didn't like goodbyes.

- COPYRIGHT/Registado no IGAC 

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  1. Nice story! I like it. You captured a similar innocence in both Dani-cat and Blue Bird.

  2. Thank you for your feedback, Danielle. This is one of two stories that I have somehow managed to write in a very pure, clean style. Funnily enough, the other one is also about a bird! Here's the link, in case you feel like reading it too: http://thoughts-dreams-tales.blogspot.com.es/2010/10/when-im-big-i-dont-want-to-be.html